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Incredible feat. Insali

Check it out here: or download at Lyrics: Swimming in the deep,Gonna let it goAll time in my mind i'm a cynical.Tracing all the steps back to what I had,To the times that i felt that i wasnt trappedFeel like crying , so much tryingSometimes I feel im sliding , so I dive in!So turn up on your stereo , up on ya stereo , so you can let it go...2xIt feels incredible!!!

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Conquer The World

One of my closest mates happens to be the most splendid cinematographer, and you might have seen him on some of my live streams because when he isn't busy shooting outstanding video, he joins me on my tours around the globe.On one of these trips, I showed him the idea I had for a record "Conquer The World" he promptly worked his magic. The result can only be called the most controversial video in hardstyle-land, and I couldn't be more pleased.I have spent so much time finding my sense of belonging and this is a quest for many others too. Follow your dreams, be what you want to be and CONQUER THE WORLD. Listen or watch on the following links:...

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Out Now! Frontliner - Silence

Frontliner blows away the silence with this new bomb, get ready for a melody Frontliner is renowned for and a drop that will touch the hearts of ravers wherever this track is played. This is another mind blowing track that builds on the excitement of Fronliner's upcoming album, supported by the biggest names in the scene this track knows just how to touch the right snares. One thing is sure; the legend has reawaken! Stream on Spotify Watch on Youtube Buy on

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